Metsänpoika™ was born in the small town in North Karelia Lieksa.


Inspired by the backwoods of the wilderness, the Metsänpoika™ has received a cozy atmosphere, that the rush doesn’t reach, and the anxiety does not overpower you.

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Metsäpoika ™ is an easy-to-move traditional Finnish outdoor sauna.

Enjoy a sauna experience in your own yard or, if desired, in the middle of nature.


Metsänpoika™ sauna

Metsänpoika sauna

Metsäpoika™ sauna is a bath ready mobile sauna package. The sauna is registered for road use and you can tow it easily with a passenger car (check the towing weights in the car registration documents). The Mestänpoika™ sauna weighs 900 – 1200kg depending on accessories.

Metsänpoika sauna

The Metsänpoika™ outdoor sauna is delivered on request and ready for use. The trailer platform and registration for road use are standard delivery. The Metsänpoika ™ sauna is distinguished by its unique and gozy design.


Metsänpoika™ sauna

Metsänpoika ™ sauna has oxygen-rich steam-controlled ventilation; – Every time you throw water on the stones, the steam stream draws in fresh air on the stove from outside. There is plenty of oxygen and you can enjoy the soft steam of the spectacular wood burning stove for even longer.

The walls of Metsänpoika ™ sauna have comfortable warmth compared to the heat-burning surfaces of insulated indoor saunas.

The structure of Metsänpoika ™ sauna is non insulated genuine Lunawood heat treated wood and flooring is made of durable film plywood. Without thermal insulation the sauna stays dry and resists occasional use better.

The Metsänpoika ™ sauna is equipped with a Harvia 20 Pro stove, a fire safe fire wall, and a stainless chimney. The benches are heat-treated aspen and the transfer platforms made of durable hot-dip galvanized steel.

The compact size of the Metsänpoika ™ sauna is advantageous when, for example, towing additional mirrors may not be needed at all or when space is otherwise scarce.

The Metsänpoika ™ sauna benches are ideal for 3  to 4 adults depending on model.








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