"I threw the first scoop of water on the stones and that marked the beginning of one of the best sauna experiences of my life."

- Jarkko Nieminen, Tampereen Lihajaloste Oy -

It was a Saturday. I started stacking the stones in the heater and while reading the instructions I noticed that the first heating was meant for decrusting the stones. I finished stacking the stones. I was surprised of how many stones it holds, but it is only a positive thing considering the end result. I kept the sauna heated up all day and the lovely sauna fumes lingering in my garden made me more and more excited about the evening ahead. My neighbours noticed the new scent of sauna and gave me the thumbs up and asked when it was their turn to test the sauna. In the afternoon my father’s friend Pekka came over to install curtains. Pekka is a sauna enthusiast, so I showed him the new sauna. He very much liked the appearance of the sauna and I explained to him that I had just finished the first heating.

Pekka became excited and suggested that we should first install the curtains, invite my father and together go test the sauna. My father has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and he is not very enthusiastic about going to sauna anymore. Breathing in the dry sauna air is not easy, so he can no longer enjoy it. We installed the curtains and called my father. By now the sauna had been hot for hours and the temperature was a bit below 70 degrees Celsius. I was afraid that the expansion I ordered for the sauna was too big and the heater would not be powerful enough. We walked across the yard in our bathrobes to the sauna and sat on the benches. My first thought was WHOA, the benches are fantastic and so comfortable to sit on. We took a closer look at the walls and kept on admiring the great work Esa had done. The stove’s firebox shone an intimate light in the sauna.

I threw the first scoop of water on the stones and that marked the beginning of one of the best sauna experiences of my life. The steam was perfectly humid and exactly what is expected from a wood burning stove. We were sweating! Even my father was happy about how easy it was to breathe in the humid air. Pekka, the biggest sauna enthusiast, modestly stated: “The best sauna ever.” Everyone thought the experience was fantastic. It was relaxing sitting on the pendant benches and looking at the lake through the large glass wall. Now Pekka regularly wants to come visit the sauna. We all were definitely hot and sweaty. Everyone who has tried this sauna, has praised the heat and the outlook. Above all, the finished product looks even better than in the pictures. There are some down sides, too: I spend a lot more time sitting and drinking in the sauna. Oh and another problem: I don’t need my summer cottage as much as before.

Jarko Nieminen, p. 040 5388277

Tampereen Lihajaloste Oy
Tohlopinranta 12, 33270 Tampere

"Now I know what real sauna feels like."

- Ralf Strandberg -

It is hard to put my feelings into words. When you were speaking well of your product, you didn’t mention all the good things, and that I’m disappointed of :). This experience is heavenly, and the steam! We don’t even know how to describe it.

I hope you are prepared because I’m 100 % sure there will be a huge demand for this product.

Now I know what real sauna feels like. Thank you, Esa!

Ralf Strandberg, Parainen
Kysy lisää kokemuksista: 0451258400

"We turned the Saunamies sauna into a rentable Tammimaja cabin"

- Tiina Mäenpää -

Tamminiemi Cottages located in Kustavi added the Saunamies Muheva sauna cabin to their selection of accommodation and named it Tammimaja. Tammimaja accommodates 2 persons and the guests can of course enjoy the brilliant sauna.

I have been meaning to send you an article from last summer when our “cabin” was mentioned in the newspaper. The funny thing was that some of the couples that were only supposed to spend one night in the cabin decided to stay for another night even though they were supposed to continue their journey. One person even decided to extend his holiday in order to spend more nights in the cabin.

Tiina Mäenpää
Tamminiemen lomamökit
Laupustentie 108, 23360 Kustavi
Varaa Tammimaja käyttöösi: 041-4321809

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