Pricing and Delivery 2020

Metsänpoika™ 8.840€


Metsänpoika™ delivery content:

  • Metsänpoika ™ outdoor sauna, size 1.6 x 2.1m (inside)
  • Walls, raw wood
  • Patina grey treatment
  • Wooden frame, high-strength plank
  • Floor, film plywood (tilted, with water removal groove)
  • Windows 3pcs (1 glass with grid)
  • Door, paneled inside and out, (including gaskets, lock pin and door handles)
  • Paneled ceiling, heat-treated aspen
  • Gray felt cover
  • Eaves, raw wood, black
  • Traditional sauna benches (60 / 40cm x 210cm), heat-treated aspen
  • Backrest, heat-treated aspen
  • Wooden duckboards, heat-treated aspen
  • Steam controlled ventilation
  • Harvia ES20 Pro stove with glass door
  • Löyly stones
  • Harvia fire wall cover, black steel
  • Wood burning stove base, steel
  • Harvia chimney, stainless steel
  • Sliding exhaust air valve, heat-treated aspen
  • Fresh air valves, zinc casting
  • Trailer with brakes, hot-dip galvanized steel (13 ”M + S)
  • Adjustable jockey wheel, galvanized steel
  • Registration and inspection


  • Window hatches kit (patina gray, with black hooks) +366€
  • Box for firewood on the drawbar, patina gray +340€
  • Thermo wood pine floor +320€
  • Multipurpose bunk sauna benches (heat aspen 60cm / 60cm x 210cm) +240€
  • Storage box under the lower sauna bench +440€
  • Gutters + 98 € / pair
  • Stair, raw wood, black, + 89 €
  • Guard rail for the stove +75€
  • Porch, folding (incl. handrails, hinges, locking and support legs) + 1.390 €
  • Pipe support leg, galvanized steel +152€/4pcs
  • Adjustable trailer foot, hot-dip galvanized steel +296€/4pcs
  • Winter tyres with spikes M+S, reinforced 13″ (steel rims 5x112) +440€
  • Delivery service by towing + 1.20 € / km
  • Delivery service as truck lorry on a case-by-case – €

Delivery and Warranty

Metsänpoika™ saunas are manufactured on request and delivered ready for use. Freight rates are determined by the length of the delivery journey. The delivery time may vary depending on the production situation. The product comes with 12 months warranty.


Terms of delivery and payment

Reservation payment (prepayment to confirm order) 500 €. Down payment (prepayment when production starts) 50%. Delivery invoice (advance payment when the sauna is ready for delivery) 50%. The booking fee is deducted from the final invoice. Metsänpoika™ sauna design is model-protected in EU. LÖYLY® is a registered trademark and is licensed under the Design From Finland brand. LÖYLY® saunas are manufactured by Saunamies ™


Reservation payment bank connection FI50 2030 1800 0631 80


Choose a suitable monthly instalment and the salesman will handle the rest. Purchasing is possible without any down payment by credit financing. Contact us and ask for a suitable financing plans. The financing is granted by Pohjola Pankki Oyj.

Example of financing without any down payment / 7 y
monthly instalment
LÖYLY 238€


The annual percentage rate of this example is 8,40 – 9,54 % (1.1.2019).

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